Héctor Cubas,

is a self-taught artist who has not been influenced by any specific artistic movement throughout his career, this artist has given birth to himself, becoming what potentially he already is, always looking for a way of expressing his soul in art through painting. He knows no other painting techniques than those of his hands, all you can see in his artwork is done with his hands, it is that connection between the soft and cool paint texture with rigid materials binding  to shape and color all his works, it is a production of unique sensations. The artistic trend where we can place this artist is representative of abstract expressionism.
Along with all his passion for art, he performs higher studies in Marketing and Management with a post-graduate degree in Advertising and Marketing. However, the first steps of Hector Cubas  as an artist, date back to the establishment of his own company with only 16 years of age where he captures on T-shirts and other products of Fashion his paintings, carried out entirely by hand which already marked his early talent and expressed his interest in Visual Arts. So, he came to have under his supervision dozens of artists over a period of 12 years. The company he created called SON managed to export product lines that Hector Cubas designed, created and supervised himself; managing to cover a large market in the Caribbean islands, such as Puerto Rico, Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, St. Thomas, St. Martin among others. His studies in Marketing enabled him to create his own marketing strategy and publicize his company through Radio and Television media. He participated in several youth television programs, which helped SON to be known faster among the youth of the time who were seeking to innovate on the stereotypes of the given moment.

In the late 90s, Hector Cubas is forced for various reasons to temporarily close his clothing factory and watch his artists depart. However, with the illusion of not abandoning his art, he continued looking for ways not to be put down and continued with the illusion of opening shops, displaying his art and becoming known as an artist to the world. He traveled to the United States and exhibited in various fairs representing Venezuela. He exhibited 8 consecutive years at the Christmas Fair “Ateneo de Caracas”, preferred by contemporary artists, well-known for providing quality and innovative products made entirely by hand. At the same time, he took part in several other group and solo exhibitions.


The year 2002 is a good year for Hector Cubas he signs a license with VENEPAL (a paper company) for a print-run of notebooks for school time with his abstract and figurative paintings. In less than 1 month he manages to sell them nationwide and gains great recognition for his unique and famous characters. That same year, he also has the opportunity to exhibit his large-format artworks in galleries in Madrid and Barcelona likewise two exhibitions in Tenerife, being widely accepted by the insular public. In 2003, he decides to settle in Europe where he opens two stores in strategic locations on the island of Tenerife and they stay open until late 2007.

He is definitely a character who, as time goes on, is even more surprising with his ideas, interest and thoughts full of Art, where limits do not exist.

Thus, learning a little more about the artist, Hector Cubas, we see in his initial works how he has been involved from a very early age in art and has given free rein to a great energy that this Artist generates through his strong lines and colors. To him, each work has a meaning and a reason to exist. We see how no item is a stumbling rock for this artist, each one seduced by him to shape and color, either: canvas, paper, wood, glass, porcelain or any surface and, thus, expressing through them this great brainstorm that blends the ideas that emerge and flourish under his ingenuity. Any texture becomes docile in his hands and so he delights us with a great fusion of techniques and color.

by: Adriana Sánchez Cortez.